NFT deploy

How to deploy a NFT following the scaffold-eth github repository
One of the most popular GitHub repositories for Ethereum projects is scaffold-eth.
The quick tutorial about NFT helps us through the process.
To make the example compatible with 1DLT, you have to make two changes:

Configure the React application

Add 1DLT to the network list of the React application.
In the constant.js file, add the 1DLT network.
export const NETWORKS = {
1DLT: {
name: "1DLT",
color: '#F60D09',
chainId: 1DLT-CHAIN-ID,
rpcUrl: `"1DLT-IP-ADDRESS"`,

Configure Hardhat

Add the private key of the account you want to use for the smart contract deployment.
In the hardhat.config.js add a new network with the private key.
networks: {
1DLT: {
accounts: ["YOUR PRIVATE KEY"],